Private investigator claims OJ didn’t kill his wife Nicole, his son did

A new book written by Texas private investigator and author, William C. Dear, claims OJ Simpson did not kill his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman in 1994. According to him, his son, Jason Simpson, who was 24 at the time of the murder, did it!

From The Village Voice.

Dear says he knew right away that the victims knew the person who killed them based on where their bodies were discovered outside of Brown’s Brentwood home. He says Jason Simpson — whom he claims has a “Jekyll and Hyde” type personality — should have been a suspect from the beginning.

Jason had intermittent rage disorder. He was on probation [at the time of the murder] and had recently assaulted his former employer with a knife,” Dear says. “But he was never interviewed by police.”

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Additionally, Dear says, authorities never tested Jason’s finger prints or DNA against forensic evidence collected at the crime scene.

When Jason Simpson stopped paying the bill for a storage container he’d been renting, Dear bought it and says he found even more damning evidence against the younger Simpson — including a hunting knife — inside. Dear also says he bought the car Jason owned at the time of the murders, but wouldn’t reveal to us what — if anything — was found inside the vehicle.

Dear’s theory is this: the night of the murders, Brown had planned to go the restaurant where Jason worked to celebrate with family and friends after her daughter’s dance recital. But Brown never showed. Angry and humiliated, Jason — again, who Dear claims suffers from a “rage” disorder — went to her house to confront her.

“I don’t think he went there with the intention of killing her,” Dear says. “But she probably made a mistake you shouldn’t make with people who are off their meds [Dear claims Jason had stopped taking anti-rage medication he was prescribed around the time of the murders]. She may have slapped him — we spoke with some of her former employees who said [Brown slapping someone] wouldn’t be out of the ordinary.”

Jason, Dear claims, flew into a violent rage and killed Brown as Goldman was walking up to the house. He then stabbed Goldman, as well.


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