UrFreshTV is a fresh Exciting New Online broadcast channel dedicated to new and fresh internet content of all kinds. Our content ranges from self shot Music Video, ShortFilm, Webisodes and many other strange but interesting content. Feel free to let a comment, See ya on the other side.






One comment on “PRODUCTION ROOM

  1. Christian says:

    Im the CEO of Emprie Sound Records (ESR), I have two artists under me that i wanted to get some recognision. i saw what you lot have done for young adz and im confident these artists can go in the same direction. they are a double act, personally i think they are the more commerical version on krept and konan. being only 16 years old they have alot to offer the industry as raw fresh talent. there videos on youtube have 5-6 thousand views and being they have had no recognsion i think that is quite good! giggs has said they could be the next big thing out of this area so has Fem felon. Please take some time out to listen to there music.

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